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Social Media Management

Managing campaign across Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn

Start having greater exposure to your market through our social media management. We work with companies and brands to help grow their social media organically to allow companies to produce a slick, professional page. We produce slick, professional content which helps the brand to grow in following and get targeted traffic!


What We Will Do?

  1. Content creation and distribution

  2. Hashtag research and utilization

  3. Testing different sort of content types on an ongoing basis

  4. Working on improving user-engagements

  5. Participating in niche-specific social media groups and communities

  6. Analysing competitors to find out their strategies, strengths, and weaknesses.

  7. Connecting with influencers in our niche (I will ensure that they are not our competitors)

  8. Biweekly reporting with all the metrics, growth, and statistics we will have attained.


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